Google Play Warns Every Android App Development Company

With a bid to make Google Play “the world’s most trusted place for Android lovers” from across the planet, Google expects every Android app development company and independent developer to come up with apps that not only market products and services flawlessly but also exhibit a sense of responsibility towards users and the society.

Google Play not only dreams but also makes it happen by adopting a set of policies. Are you from the Android development discipline and interested in knowing what they are? Continue reading — what are not acceptable to Google.


Not to Showcase & Promote Restricted Content

In the interest of the Android users and society at large, Google Play warns an Android app development company not to build apps containing sexually explicit content, child sexual abuse materials, violence, bullying and harassment, hate speech, gambling and attempting to monetize on sensitive events. Apps promoting illegal activities like sale or purchase of banned drugs etc. are also restricted.

Not to Violate Intellectual Property Rights

No company should resort to Android apps development by impersonating other entities or brands or copyrighted or patented materials. This kind of infringement of intellectual property rights is strictly prohibited at Google Play. App owners, having noticed any sort of infringement to their previously developed products can also reach out to the developers responsible for the breach or can notify the Play Store by filing a DMCA request.

Not to Deceive Users

Google hats off to the faith of Android users and wants them to have a sound and reliable experience with an app. An Android app development company should not mislead users in terms of the offering of the app. Right from the description provided on the store to the actual experience, everything should be disclosed in advance. For instance, an antivirus app should perform the intended action, i.e., detection and removal of the virus rather than just being a guide narrating how to remove the virus. In addition, an app should not make any changes to the device’s settings of the user. Even if it does so, it should seek a nod from him/her in advance.

Not to Breach Users’ Privacy

An Android app development company must not breach the privacy of users. It should explicitly adhere to the terms and conditions regarding the data collection, usage, sharing, safety and other aspects as mandated by the law of the land.

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