What Made iOS Swift App Development a $16 Billion Business

While using LinkedIn, Lyft, Khan Academy or Yahoo Weather app on your iPhone or iPad have you ever thought what connects them together? Well, they all are built by some or the other iOS developers with expertise in Swift programming language.

In 2015, Apple consumers spent a whooping $20 billion to purchase apps from its App Store. Considering the ratio of number of iOS devices (800 million) to the total number of active Apple devices (1 billion), we can see that iOS users have contributed close to $16 billion to the gross revenue of App Store.  Root Info Solutions contemplates on factors that make iOS Swift development popular.

iOS Swift Developer London

iOS Swift Development


There is one more thing common about Swift apps, they exhibit incredible performance. According to Apple, Swift apps are 2.6x faster than those based on Objective-C, the previous language, and 8.0x faster than those on Python. Performance is a key differentiator when it comes to evaluating the success of an app, i.e. app retention. Users love to have apps that run faster. Apps that freeze or don’t respond instantly are pushed to the trash or recycle bin.


Apps developed in Objective-C can be easily migrated to Swift. Thus, the previous iOS app development efforts or investment made with them will not go in vain. An iOS Swift developer can easily manage the code using Xcode IDE. Update and upgrade tasks also become easier with Swift.

Open Source

Availability of Swift as an open source programming language under the Apache 2.0 open source licence is another key reason that makes it  widely popular. This makes it easily accessible to an array of audiences including developers, educators and students. Binaries for OS X and Linux required to compile code for iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS and Linux are easily available. Moreover, there is a greater scope of innovation in Swift as its community members can contribute directly to the Swift source code.


iOS developers can make use of App Transport Security that  provides cryptographic security to the user’s data, when it’s transmitted between the app and the respective app server. App Transport Security administers the Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols to make this happen. Thus, a Swift app encapsulates the user’s data and resists any external data breach attempt.

Looking for an iOS swift developer in London? If yes, don’t look further. We are a company equipped with over a decade of technical excellence and cross-industry expertise. Find A Game, Dr. Moku, WishList, Cerra SG, Flabuless and Responder are some of the native iOS apps that we have built for our partners.

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