7 Social Media Application Development Ideas with Huge ROI Potential

Social media is no longer a platform solely adopted and utilized for staying connected with friends and family or just killing time. Businesses see it as a tool to acquire customers, create value for them, and fulfill other business objectives, thereby creating new revenue streams. The blog details 7 social media app development ideas that have a huge ROI potential.

Apparently, your app should help businesses and consumers. Hence, the blog focuses on how you can help them with your app.

social media app development solutions

1. Benefits for branding

Every startup dreams to become an established business and the latter nurtures the dream to become a brand. With social media application development, it’s time to capitalize in on the obsession of entrepreneurs for achieving the brand value.

2. Benefits of Customer Service

Integrating your social media app with pro-customer features, you can rope in businesses that are highly focused on leveraging the platform to serve their customers

3. Benefits for advertising

All leading social media or networking companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are  actively harnessing their platform for advertising products/services of third-parties. However, to make use of the app, first focus on offering values to users and make them stay glued to your app.

4. Benefits for sales & lead generation

Help businesses to generate quality leads with your social media app. It may sound strange, but it has gained traction of startups and businesses in the social media app development industry. Check this startup that jumped in the bandwagon of social networking app development to help golf course operators to find sports enthusiasts.

5. Benefits for HR

HR professionals are increasingly leveraging the power of social media to reach out to fresher and experienced talents. Hence, with an HR-focused social media app, you have an opportunity to tap the opportunity that is never going to end.

6. Benefits for content promotion

Content marketers often look forward to social platforms that can help them reach out to their target audience. This is also an avenue where there is unlimited opportunities as content marketing is something that none can ignore whether they are startup or big brands.

7. Benefits for research and development

Freedom of expression is a widely debated socio-political matter. However, all debates come to an end at social media when it comes to naming the best platform where it happens. Yes, that’s why brands prefer to conduct survey on social media and adopt the best social listening tools like BuzzSumo, HootSuite and more.  Hence, creating apps similar to them is also a wise idea.