Drupal – Still The Future of Web Development!

The latest market share trends on W3Techs.com unfolds that the Drupal is quite popular content management systems (CMS) for web development. Despite the fact that WordPress and Joomla dominate Drupal website. However, the preference over Magento, Blogger, Shopify, and Squarespace cannot be neglected. At present, 2.3% of all websites use CMS, with 4.6% of worldwide market share. It’s interesting to note, most of the high-traffic and popular websites like Weather.com, NBC.com, NBCUniversal.com, and Patch.com are build on Drupal.

The new Drupal releases are oriented at both the developers and non-coders. Drupal is focused for more intuitive and easier to adopting with simplicity.

The latest market trend and statistic indicates Drupal as one of the most dynamic CMS of the year 2018. This open source CMS is used widely by SMEs and start-ups to build and manage websites without paying the licensing cost. The wide range of themes and modules available facilitate custom build for the websites and can be rapidly modified according to varied business requirements.

Further, Drupal simplifies custom website development, facilitating advanced and rapid prototyping. It also simplifies content management, and support advanced user management.

In this blog, we have impersonated remarkable facts why the popularity of Drupal will remain intact in the long run.

Content editors can take part in the website development.

Drupal offers great solutions to content authors and editors. An ability to create standard content types without developer’s involvement. One of the most attractive aspects of the Drupal content management system is the excellent features that enable it to organize content utilizing menus, categories and a variety of views. This indicates that multiple levels of menus are possible as a sub-navigation menu, which is available in the Primary menu system. Moreover, the “Views” module allows the users to display the list of all content on the website.

Open Source

The free usage along with the open-source content management system, the developers are opting for it without any licensing fees. Depending on the requirement of any projects, customization options for the CMS are available.

Themes And Modules

A wide range of themes and modules are available both free and premium. The right themes make the customization dynamic, reducing the development time. More than 2500 themes are available and using the mobile-optimized admin themes and toolbars, developers build a responsive website. Further 3800+ modules, allow developers to add functionality in the websites without writing long and complex code. With each advance version of the Drupal, new and enhanced modules are available.

Simplifies Multilingual Web-development

Apart from aligning different type of digital content, Drupal simplifies the development of multilingual websites via third-party modules. the developers choose specific modules to chose, or apply and configure multiple pages. Further, with Drupal 8.X, it is easy to translate website content.

In order to build a custom website to meet the business specific requirement, the developer makes use of Drupal to create the prototype models that too rapidly and efficiently.

Enterprise Grade Security Features

In this digital atmosphere, security attack is vulnerable. Therefore, while developing a website, it’s more than necessary to optimize security for both the business and customer data. Allowing a security configuration, Drupal establishes full protection leveraging robust security features.


With the continuous improvement, Drupal is adopted fastly. It powers the content managers and novice developers to implement easy solutions, feature richness and the scope for high customization option.

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