Chatbot Development: Know More Interesting Facts

Acknowledging 2016 the year of chatbot makes a huge sense.

In technical parlance, chatbots are a new fascination.

Well, the question is “what has kindled this ardent fascination”, taking it to the center of communication.

Not to mention, chatbot does not require any introduction. This software program simulates intelligent human conversion employing AI. The chatbot interaction generally uses a conversational interface that is written or spoken text.

At first, there were simply bots before the evolution of chatbots. Bots refer to a piece of software designed to automate a specific task. After the evolution, there has been a commendable change, the way these chatbots works. Nowadays, chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to accelerate the conversational cadences. This is done for effective human conversation, providing meaningful and relatable task, either with a spoken or a written conversation to deliver services.

Taking into technical accounts, the chatbot can be referred to as the user interface used to plug into a number of data sources via APIs. Chatbot Development companies are looking forward to incorporating AI and Machine enabling chatbots to deliver information or services on demand. For instance; weather forecasts or breaking news or related chatbots development services.

Today the Virtual Assistants have emerged as the need of the hour and almost every industry vertical trying hard to implement this latest trend. Programmed to offer specific responses to particular events and requests, these bots are sure to transform the future of businesses.

The easy chatbot adoption is expected to will take over the places of apps. The virtual assistance has taken the world to the next level of advancement with the huge capability of meeting and supplying user´s different needs. Along with planning it allows its users to live easier lives.

Facts to Know:

# 1.4 Billion People Use Messaging Apps

BI intelligence unfolds that messaging apps more making big hype than top social networks.

As per eMarketer, 1.4 billion people were using messaging apps in 2016, which comes as surprise. Moreover, it also estimated that 25% of the world’s population approx 1.75 billion people, will be using messaging apps by 2019.

# 30,000 Facebook Chatbots

Facebook treasured more than 30,000 chatbots till sep 2017 and used in 200 countries by millions of people.

# Consumers More Interested in Shopping Via Chatbots

As per a survey by DigitasLBi, 37% American look for chatbot while purchasing. Further, my clever Agency reveals that 33% of UK residents prefer chatbots for making the basic purchase.

# No Distinguish Between Chatbots and Human by 2029

Ray Kurzweil – an engineer at Google predicts that the chatbots will be equipped with human-level language by 2029.

# China People Apricates Chatbots a Lot

According to Engadget, Xiaoice is a highly popular chatbot in China. The measured conversation ranges from 23 conversation per session which is quite remarkable.

Examples of Most talked Chatbot;

Siri by Apple

This was simply a wonder, a voice-driven assistant. It has the ability to talks back. By long-pressing the iPhone or iPad home button users can proactive recommends actions to take”. Sira Talking AI Bots allows you to ask to perform a few of its main functions, in the mobile, using colloquial language.

Jarvis by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Mark Zuckerberg described it as kind of like Jarvis in ‘Iron Man.’”(Zuckerberg, M. 2016). Jarvis is a home assistant, programmed to control house household items, such as Zuckerberg´s toaster or house lights.

Alexa by Amazon

Alexa- it is an smart assistance that uses AI based voice recognition system. It allows users to ask questions or execute certain functions giving specific commands, enabling to get a “smart home”. Considering the official website, it is said that Alexa operates with devices such as lights, watches, and thermostats.

Key steps for chatbot development

1) Keep Things Simple

While building a bot, make sure the primary objective should be focused on building good bot script. How to define, whether the bot development is worth or not; well, bot interaction simply the call and response. Hence, make everything native to the conversational back-and-forth, moreover do not complicate an app or system into a bot, just go simple keeping it conversational.”

Learn from the call and response, and iterating on it. The chatbots developers must go with the ideal approach to compose the chatbot responses carefully.

2) End-user experience

For any development, the crucial consideration should be the end-user experience. This means the bots should be structured keeping in mind how excel task execution should be done. For instance, improvement should be a major concern, instead of replacing humans in tasks. Printing out simple URL in a bot response now seems boring practice, instead adopt the nicely-formatted card previewing the linked page or, replace a text list with Carousel.

Make sure, that the bot holds some specific personality by introducing gif or joke from time to time,” this will engage users in a natural way.

3) Escape route Designing

Go with a mute or unsubscribe button to impart ease to your users. This will allow turning off bot anytime without any hassle. This step is crucial or more mandatory.
With this approach, users don’t have to delete the bot when the service isn’t required. Additionally, for an enhanced user experience, it’s advisable to check the functionality of the bot for different issues, on a regular basis.

4) Ensure Bot’s Scalability

It’s highly important to keep the chatbot design scalable and simple. In this hi-tech era, people prefer solutions that are not complex. Having a chatbot that responds quickly with intelligence allows fulfilling the purpose very effectively.


At Root Info Solutions – we take in pride to be referred to as top chatbot development company, endeavoring to leverage the next-level of technology, that allows most advanced development based on the current trend.

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