Business Boost With iPhone App Development

The engaging, purposeful, and creative iOS Application boosts profits and revenues substantially.

The article aims to throw light “how the iPhone app can significantly boost business growth.

Well, there are many other platforms equally beneficial for businesses, in fact, some might be better. It will not be wrong to address 2018, an interconnected world, where people are sharing today like never before.

main-with-logo.jpgAlthough, the question is why should a business go for an iOS App Development?

Apple is the worldwide leader in the mobile industry, irrespective of more number of sell achieved by Samsung sells. No denial, because of its high price, Apple makes more money per sale. Android has more users in comparison than iOS, but iOS is more business-friendly with services made for business.

Market Reputation and Trend:

However, regardless of what you choose, your business can reap the benefits only if the app is functional, user-friendly and well designed.

As we know, the reputation is impeccable, and the popularity is strongly felt worldwide, Thus owning an iPhone for iOS means tapping a large as well as the power market.

Moreover, Apple does not compromise the user experience and adhere to rules for mobile app development as each app firstly go through the app store review guidelines, which creates a sense of security.

Below we have mentioned the most prominent advantages of developing an iPhone app for your business!

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iOS software is quite secured, thus both the iPhone App Development Services and other iOS devices provide the protection for business. And at the same time, it also fulfills the security requirements of the customers. It is the company that protects privacy and will use encryption methods to hide the customer’s data appropriately.

Convenience and User Experience:

Offering push notifications, premium offers, information about innovative products and services is the best way to lure the user base. The interface is well planned for Apple and formulates a seamless transformation between physical and virtual business models.

Easily Reachable to Offshore:

As we know, the developed countries have larger iOS user base. Certainly, developing an app for this platform give access to a much wider audience. Moreover, it can be concluded that, this section urge to purchase good quality applications. Thus, there can be a significant boost in conversion rates influencing your annual turnover.

Brand Image:

Apple is a huge brand and does not requires any introduction, thus developing a mobile app for iOS is an achievement in itself. And it also offers an immense level of satisfaction and trust to the users. Therefore the brand trust ultimately has the impact and allows sale promotion.

For instance; Even if you own a small business, investing in a quality iPhone app will provide long-term benefits. Further, the usage will keep growing with new generations.


The iOS future is bright thus iPhone will continue to grow furthermore. When we talk about the younger generations, they are more active in using apps to purchase products.

Thus, today – small as well as big businesses are looking for customized iOS app development, as it effectively boosts the brand, offers enhanced user-experience and assures secure transactions. However, the initial cost may be high but assures huge ROI once it hit the app store.

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What Made iOS Swift App Development a $16 Billion Business

While using LinkedIn, Lyft, Khan Academy or Yahoo Weather app on your iPhone or iPad have you ever thought what connects them together? Well, they all are built by some or the other iOS developers with expertise in Swift programming language.

In 2015, Apple consumers spent a whooping $20 billion to purchase apps from its App Store. Considering the ratio of number of iOS devices (800 million) to the total number of active Apple devices (1 billion), we can see that iOS users have contributed close to $16 billion to the gross revenue of App Store.  Root Info Solutions contemplates on factors that make iOS Swift development popular.

iOS Swift Developer London

iOS Swift Development


There is one more thing common about Swift apps, they exhibit incredible performance. According to Apple, Swift apps are 2.6x faster than those based on Objective-C, the previous language, and 8.0x faster than those on Python. Performance is a key differentiator when it comes to evaluating the success of an app, i.e. app retention. Users love to have apps that run faster. Apps that freeze or don’t respond instantly are pushed to the trash or recycle bin.


Apps developed in Objective-C can be easily migrated to Swift. Thus, the previous iOS app development efforts or investment made with them will not go in vain. An iOS Swift developer can easily manage the code using Xcode IDE. Update and upgrade tasks also become easier with Swift.

Open Source

Availability of Swift as an open source programming language under the Apache 2.0 open source licence is another key reason that makes it  widely popular. This makes it easily accessible to an array of audiences including developers, educators and students. Binaries for OS X and Linux required to compile code for iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS and Linux are easily available. Moreover, there is a greater scope of innovation in Swift as its community members can contribute directly to the Swift source code.


iOS developers can make use of App Transport Security that  provides cryptographic security to the user’s data, when it’s transmitted between the app and the respective app server. App Transport Security administers the Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols to make this happen. Thus, a Swift app encapsulates the user’s data and resists any external data breach attempt.

Looking for an iOS swift developer in London? If yes, don’t look further. We are a company equipped with over a decade of technical excellence and cross-industry expertise. Find A Game, Dr. Moku, WishList, Cerra SG, Flabuless and Responder are some of the native iOS apps that we have built for our partners.

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Employee Fitness Gets New Dimension with iPhone App Development by Root Info Solutions

Employee Fitness Gets New Dimension with Flabuless, an iPhone App Developed by Root Info Solutions. It resulted in motivation in employees to stay fit, improved workforce engagement and improved productivity.


Health and Fitness App

“A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”

The saying is old but not at all diluted. We can see its relevance in every sphere of life. Rewardz, our Singapore-based client, adopted this very thought while conceptualizing and planning its corporate wellness program, and our iPhone app development team was fortunate to have a role in it. We built Flabuless, a native app using Swift to makes its corporate wellness program easily accessible to end-users.

Corporate Wellness: Understanding the Need

A workplace is an important place for any employee. S/he spends almost one-third of her or his life there. And, it won’t be wrong to say that performance and productivity of employees is directly linked with their well-being and fitness. The coalition of Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center for Health Research at Healthways did a litmus test to prove it. The performance of employees eating healthy diets was found to be 25% better than those who stayed on a substandard diet. Those taking five or more servings of fruit and vegetables at least four times a week were 20 percent more productive. Employees taking 30 minutes of exercise, thrice a week, were found to be further productive by 15 percent. Consistent intake of healthy food and adherence to exercise reduced workplace absenteeism by 27 percent as employees serious towards them were less prone to diseases. (Excerpts as reported by

Flabuless iPhone App: Overview

Track and Monitor

Tracking performance becomes easier and faster with the app. Users can have an access of the entire health statistics and stay motivated. With its compatibility with Fitbit, users can pull out more records regarding their health.


Adopting company can customize the app further to suit their brand identity and the interests and preferences of their stakeholders.


Users have flexibility to track different physical activities from walking and staircase climbing to jogging, running, swimming, and other regular or occasional activities.

Powerful Reporting

Employers can also stay in the know of the company’s health by having anytime, anywhere access to individual or group reports and take measures to improve it.

Deliver Rewards

The app rewards users with points based on their performance and effort in terms of achieving fitness goals. The points can be redeemed with offerings from fitness and health brands like Smoothie King, Subway, Munch, Kfit, Fitbit, Osim, Mx. Sapola and Everyone.

Thus, the approach is to drive workplaces towards holistic wellness and let employees stay fit and healthy so that they can contribute their best to the growth of the organization.

Rewardz work with its clients to design promotional materials, organize fitness challenges, wellness workshops, health screenings and more, to keep its offerings tailored to their needs and interests.

Key Benefits

  • Improved motivation in employees to stay fit
  • Improved workforce engagement
  • Improved interpersonal bonding
  • Availability of better deals
  • Increased productivity and business efficiency
  • Improved brand reputation
  • Reduced attrition rate
  • Reduced cost of talent acquisition

You have seen how technology can leapfrog traditional corporate wellness program to make it more friendly, persuasive, encouraging and flexible. Interested in empowering your business and customers? Feel free to reach us at We offer strategic iPhone apps development, iPad app development, Android app development and much more to keep you ahead of the time.

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3D Touch Pushes New Challenges to an iOS Application Development Company

When things become too common, winners always think of evolving their strategies to renew their products and services with a bid to differentiate themselves from the rest. Tap, Swipe and Pinch-based multi-touch engagement capabilities  that debuted with the first generation of iPhone (2007), over the years, got replicated so many times by so many brands, that it was becoming essential for the brand to do something different. 3D Touch was churned out of such an innovation to give an edge to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, launched on September 9, 2015.

iOS App Development

The newly introduced 3D Touch capability, that reads the intensity of the pressure applied by the user on the device-screen, gives a new dimension to the Multi-touch interface allowing users to engage with apps, games and services available with the device in a whole new way.

On the one hand, users have a reason to cheer, while on the other, an iOS application development company needs to roll out their sleeves to grab the new skills of making their apps responsive to the new technical enhancement. However, Apple has left enough resources, packed with Xcode 7 and iOS 9 SDK, at the disposal of an iOS developer to let him or her build 3D Touch capable app. Key functionalities that can be achieved are discussed here.

Quick Actions

With a single press, users can perform a variety of tasks, like opening an app, exploring features of the app, uninstalling the app, and more. The moment the user presses an app or a feature within it, a set of quick actions appear to choose from. This eases the interaction and let the users do more with the app.

Peek and Pop

Users can preview the capability and content of the features provided within an app without actually launching it. They can also press a bit deeper and pop into the content to know more.

Pressure Sensitivity

Creative designers and users have more reasons to keep their fingers crossed. They can make use of the pressure-sensing display of the device in multiple ways to make their art vibrant. For example, changing the brush style of the tool or thickness of the line becomes a child’s play.

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Five Wishes To Fulfill for a Swift Mobile Application Development Services Company

86% of the mobile time is spent in apps alone, this news by Flurry made a buzz in the media and technology industry in 2014. Interestingly, the trend continues, but in the larger interest of consumers, Swift app development companies should innovate their ways and adopt healthy practices to make sure that their users get the best out of the apps.

swift app

Here are top five features admired by users.

Quick and Easy Installation

By reducing the installation and uninstallation time of an app, a Swift mobile application development services company can win a big favor of consumers. They love to spend little time whether it’s getting started or saying goodbye. The latest Swift 2.2 SDK brings advanced tools and features to help developers optimize the coding of an app.

Make Navigation Effortless

Users have definite goals – to seek information, place an order, raise a request, track the status, edit profiles or do more — and your app must give users the authority to do all with perfect ease. Nothing should interrupt users from doing what they want.

Prioritize Speed

Performance matters for users. Whether it’s about getting the app loaded or accessing the information it stores or services it serve. A major chunk of the iOS app development companies face complaints from consumers regarding slow performance. Swift 2.2 brings powerful tools to make an app perform well, but the much of it depends on the ability of the each and every member of the Swift app development team.

Offline Capabilities

Users must be entitled to seek information and complete actions using the app, no matter whether they are offline or online. Being a Swift app developer, you have the responsibility to equip your app with the Offline capability.

Include Analytics

Business intelligence and insights are important for today’s entrepreneurs. A Swift app development company must understand this fact and integrate the Swift app with analytics that can track user’s preferences, location or any other information as required.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Do share your views and suggestions. You may also connect with us to get affordable Swift mobile application development services. We have an out-of-the-box mobile app development environment and     experienced developers to let you find the right fit to reach out to your prospects and customers.

iPhone Application Development Company Shakes Hand with Medical Science

iPhone Application Development Company Shakes Hand with Medical Science. Root Info Solutions (RIS) holds experts to build apps using HealthKit, ResearchKit and CareKit SDKs.

iphone app development company

iPhone App Development Company Shakes hand with Medical Science

Does it mean, now onwards, an iPhone application development company needs to change its selection criteria, and ask iPhone app developer interviewees to bring a degree of medical science along with the computer science or IT?

Well, ideally and technically, iPhone app developers need not to worry about it, but, definitely, they need to master the nuances of healthcare SDKs (Software Development Kits), including HealthKit, ResearchKit and CareKit that have been introduced by Apple, if they really want to preserve the dominating legacy of App Store.

The step is quite benevolent and sensitive. Indeed, it is, but there is also a prudential decision-making behind it. Health and fitness apps category has acquired the 7th spot in terms of popularity. Flurry, the noted digital mobile traffic analytics firm noticed a 52% growth in the demand of such apps in 2014-2015. Hence, apple is trying to monetize the trend being sensitive to the user’s demand and, this is, absolutely, the right business strategy.


HealthKit empowers wearable technology makers and healthcare services provider. The app built with HealthKit can communicate with fitness trackers and a wide range of health and fitness apps and, thus, can be a great source of information for the service provider to be more responsive and sensitive to their patients.


ResearchKit favors medical research. iPhone app developers can build app that can be used to enrol participants and conduct survey on the consumers’ health and fitness. This gives scholars or professionals the tools to collect data and have the thorough understanding of health and diseases, which in turn can be utilized in medical innovation to evolve healthcare services and ensure better patient-satisfaction.


Taking a step closer to its mission to let people have a better life, CareKit empowers iOS and WatchOS app developers to to build the right health app that can let them stay in the know of their health. Users can monitor their symptoms, care plans and connect with healthcare professionals with absolute ease. There are four modules, namely, Care Card, Symptoms and Measurement Tracker, Insight Dashboard and Connect in it

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